Med Fogger – 1250W Heater – DMX Onboard


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Antari Z1200-II Fog Machine
Antari Z-1200II Z1200 Mk2 Fogger – 1250W Heater – DMX onboard
Designed for professional use, the Z-1200 II Pro Fog Generator features a 1250w heater and, as with all the series II Z models, comes with Antari’s own ECO thermal control – patented technology allowing stable output and reducing warm-up times while increasing fog volume and duration.

The Z-1200 II generates a flow of over 515m3 (18,000 cubic feet) per minute of fog effect. The unit has onboard DMX control, and a Z-8 timer/remote is included. The improved features of the Series II models mean less maintenance and greater reliability.

One great feature about this machine is the ‘low fluid cut-out’ sensor which stops the machine from operating once the fluid levels gets down too low. This ensures that no damage is caused to the machine if it is left unattended.
> Output power / level: 1250w heater, 515m3/min, (18000 ft3/min)
> Tank Capacity: 2.5L
> Fluid Consumption: 38min/L
> Dimensions / Weight: 440x250x178mm / 11.1Kg


* Power: 240VAC
* Power Consumption: 1300W
* Operating Frequency: 50Hz
* Power lead: 1m fixed
* Circuit Breaker: 7A
* Power indicator: on mains switch
* Linkable
* Effects / Control: Mains power switch, Fog momentary and latching button, timer, volume
* Output power / level: 1250w heater, 515m3/min, (18000 ft3/min)
* Warm up time: 10 min
* Tank Capacity: 2.5L
* Fluid Consumption: 38min/L
* Included accessories / features: Z8 Remote control
* Hanging Bracket: included
* Weight: 11.1kg
* Dimensions / Weight: 440x250x178mm / 11.1Kg
* Construction: Steel silver and black
* Optional: Z9 Wireless Remote Control

Shipping Volume: .055cbm
Shipping Weight: 13kg