Skilltester (Claw Machine) White Hire

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Claw Machine Prize Crane Game is an exiting and fun merchandiser arcade game for rent. The Prize Crane Game, which is also known as the Claw Machine. It takes its name of the claws that are used to catch variety of merchandise placed inside the machine. The merchandise inside the Claw Machine Prize Crane Game for rent varies. From basic plush toys, licensed and seasonal plush merchandize that typically includes professional sports as well as familiar characters from TV and movies to expressive watches, sunglasses, jewelry and latest electronic toys and gadgets. Ideas for the merchandise are unlimited. The only limitations we have is the size and the weight of the merchandise used in the rented Claw Machine Prize Crane Game.

As rule, we are limited to 10oz and about 8-10in size of the merchandise. Before any rental we require the client to provide a few samples of merchandise. We want make sure the rented Claw Machine Prize Crane Game is setup properly and will be able to handle the product. The Claw Machine Prize Crane Game is a “game of chance” nevertheless we have a full control of the win probability.

Claw Machine Prize Crane Game as a merchandiser arcade machine. It builds into the game a lot of enthusiasm and a feeling of “I can do it” attitude.  Also, the enthusiasm for playing the game is further deepened with all those “free toys” to win. Many times expensive branded t-shirts, popular electronic toys, water bottles and much more. The important point of Claw Machine Prize Crane Game is not the value of the item the person wins, but the mental euphoria. As he/she gets by way of recognition from the company through promotional merchandise. It is provided to them free for successfully completing the game within the specified time of usually within15 to 30 seconds.

The clients find this the ideal way of promoting their products. Through the game by way of rewarding the participant for his successful effort. They look at it as the ideal way of reaching out to their potential customers. It helps build bridges and bonding with the clients.

Claw Machine Dimensions L 75cm W 95cm  H 195cm


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