Slap Shot Pro Air Hockey


At this price it’s by far the best air hockey you will get for the home market.

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The Slap Shot Air Hockey table is by far the best air hockey you will get for the home market.

It is of the same build quality as commercial tables. The only difference is that it does not feature a coin mechanism. It is also only a fraction of the price that you would expect to pay.

What makes this table to special is the perspex playfield which allows the puck to glide smoothly.

This table also features anti-flyout rails which helps keep the puck in play.

This model now comes with optional RGB LED lights under the playfield.  You will receive a remote control where you can turn the lights on/off, have them automatically transition, or fix it onto a particular colour.
It’s a fantastic feature and really lifts the table!

Optional LEDs under the playfield


  • Commercial size (7.6 x 4ft)
  • 8mm Perspex Playfield
  • Powerful Cyclone Blower
  • Overhead Electronic Scoreboard
  • External Game Function Controls
  • Anti-Flyout Rail
  • Plastic Construction legs
  • 105Kgs
  • Carton Size: 230 x 120 x 20cm
  • Easy Assembly

Comes with:

  • 4 x Paddles
  • 4 x Pucks

Home Vs Pro

Both these tables are identical in build and functionality.  The difference lies in the positioning of the electronic scoreboard.
The Home model scoreboard is embedded into the playfield surface so the puck actually glides over the scoreboard.  There is a scorer at each players end.
This is the preferred model if you’re looking to put a table tennis cover over the top.
The Pro model scoreboard is the overhead one which is featured in most commercial tables.  There is a scorer on each side so each player can see