Ultimate Big Punch Arcade Boxing Game Machine Hire


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How To Play Arcade Boxing Game Machine

  • Our hire machines are set to free play, press the button to start/add a credit
  • Punch ball auto down ,hit ball and punch it, be sure to punch it within stated time.
  • When player scores a record will win.
  • When player scores not reach the record but exceeds the optional bonus score set by the system.
  • When player scores below the optional score ,then game over.

Notice:After completing the first game, please hear the beep before continuing the second game.

Punching Bag Machine Technical Parameters

  • Dimension: 1000 mm×1250 mm × 2100mm
  • Weight: 195KG
  • Power supply: see the back cover of the machine.
  • Maximum power: 346W
  • Players: one person

How to Win At The Punching Bag Machine

  • Boxing Machine is one kind of arcade game machine.When players insert coins or tokens, the hanging speed bag or pad will be released.The play way is to punch the bag or pad as hard as possible. After the punch, the bag or pad will be knocked back up into original position, and the force of the punch will be regarded as score to displayed in screen.The core to get higher score is to learn how to make the punch as stronger as possible.While standing, the foot at the same side of your body should be farther than the other foot.The two feet distance should be wider than the shoulder, and make your feet and the punch almost in a line, from the back foot, to front foot, to the punch bag,which is opposite of the punching hand. For example, if you use right hand to punch the bag, your feet should be pointing to the left side of the bag.Keep your weight towards the center slightly,make your back heel leave the ground, and punch the bag with two front front heel touch the ground.Turn the upper body towards the bag a little bit, and the chest should not be pointing to the bag nor perpendicular to your feet.Turn the your body towards the bag, rotate the feet forwards slightly and turn your butt and shoulder to the bag, and point your fist correctly to the center of the bag,to make sure the force to be delivered in the best way.And try your best to punch your fist through the bag. It’s better to image that the real target is something behind the bag, to make sure concentrate the attention .