Virtual Pinball Machine | 43″ LCD Screen | 1100+ Games


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Featuring over 1,100 games, this new generation of Virtual Pinball Machines offers the best value for money. Providing an immersing playing experience and a games variety that is hard to beat, it will suit all generations whether you’re looking for past iconic titles or new revamped ones. A must have for every game room.

Pinball games including Future Pinball, Visual Pinball, Pinball FX2, Pinball FX3, 70’s Tables, 80’s Tables, 90’s tables, Modern Tables, Williams Tables, Bally Tables, etc.
The Virtual Pinball cabinet has a 43” LG 1080p LED playfield, 32″ LED Back Glass and 15.6″ LED Dot Matrix Display (DMD) for excellent game play. The cabinet has a single power button turn on/off the cabinet. Dual speakers located above the LCD. You can also access the inside of the cabinet by the rear door.
We use original Williams style lockdown bar and side rails.
The cabinet is professional CNC cut out of 18mm black MDF.
We offer different choices of Pinball themed cabinets. Each cabinet will come with professional printed. If you prefer a different theme, please contact us for availability.
-43” LG 16×9 LCD / LED TV Playfield.
-32″ Back Glass.
-15.6″ DMD.
-Real Pinball Legs.
-Backbox Hinges.
-Williams style lockdown bar and side rails.

-Real Coin Door.
-1 Amplifier and 2 Speakers. Adjustable Volume and dual speakers.
-5mm Tempered Glass.
-LED Lighted Buttons.
-240gb SSD Drive.
-CPU Intel i3 Processor.
-Nvidia GT750TI.
-Most of the tables are running in VP10(VPX) system, that means the tables have better graphics and function. Upgradable to Haptic Feedback.
-Pinball digital plunger.
-Different Pinball themes available.
-Our Pinball machines require a little assembly and you will need a friend. The 4 legs must be installed and the Top LCD Assembly will need to be lifted up (it’s on Hinges) placed in position, secured with supplied bolts and you should be ready to play.
-1 Year Warranty and Life Time Technical Support.
-Cabinet dimensions 81.5cm W x 143cm L x 188cm H weight approx. 110kgs.