Point Blank X – 42″ LCD Arcade Hire


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Point Blank X Arcade Machine is a video redemption shooting

game which is designed for players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy!

This 2 player arcade machine is ticket redemption compatible, features a high resolution 42″ widescreen LCD display,
and can be played in either Classic mode or the new Normal Mode, AKA Kid Mode, (changeable via test mode).

In Kid Mode there are fewer targets, a bigger gun sight, Rapid Fire feature, no life system,
and new visual design to make it much easier for kids to sucessfully shoot the targets.

Like the original Point Blank series games, the cabinet has both single player and 2 player modes:
The aim in 1 player mode is to clear all the stages.
2 player mode is where players can verse each other to see who is the best shooter.

There are a total of 40 stages and each stage takes about 30 seconds to complete, with average playtime at 3 minutes.
Each stage has a clear defined goal, such as ‘Shoot more than 48 targets’, etc.
Depending on the player difficulty level selected, the number of stages can range from 3-16.
There are 3 player difficulty levels to choose from: Practice, Beginner and Expert.

Players start the game with 5 hearts (operator selectable) which you can see in the bottom left hand corner.
These hearts represent lives, and players lose one of these live every time they fail to reach the goal, or shoot an illegal target.
If you lose all the hearts, it’s Game Over.


Assembled Dimensions:

124cm(L) x 143cm(W) x 247cm(H) 165Kg